Dear Dr. Cornuke, Per our conversation at your booth during the Southern California Strategic Perspectives Conference, I am writing you this letter. On a lonely Saturday night many years ago, I beseeched G-d to encourage my faith due to some spiritual trials in my life. The Holy Spirit compelled me to turn on the television. While surfing the channels, all the way up to channel 95 or 96, I came across the beginning of a documentary where two men, using only their Bible as their map, set out in search of the real Mount Sinai. I became transfixed by what I saw and heard. I sensed G-d reminding me of His faithfulness in providing and protecting my ancestors of old and that He IS still faithful to provide and protect His children today. At the close of the program I asked G-d to some day provide me with the opportunity to personally thank you for blessing and encouraging my faith. But the story does not end here. The next day at church I shared with the Assistant Pastor what I had viewed the night before. I told him I had ordered the video and offered him the opportunity to watch it when I received my order. He took me up on my offer. He decided to watch it with all the other Pastors with the church during their weekly meeting. He told that though all the Pastor’s mouths were open it was so silent you could hear a pin drop. (Imagine that, a room full of silent Pastors.) At the end of the video they unanimously agreed that the congregation should be given the opportunity to view it as well. Hence, they designated a Sunday evening service “Movie Night” in order for the parishioners to come watch the video. Hundreds came to view it. To make a long story short, during the airing of the video, it was so quiet in the sanctuary you could hear a pin drop. Many people walked away blessed and recharged in their faith in G-d and His begotten Son, Yeshua. In closing let me say that our encounter at the conference is a Divine Appointment. A friend of mine had asked me to go with her to this conference, but I was reluctant at first to attend because of the distance. I told her I would pray about it. Though I was unaware who would be speaking, I agreed to go with her. Only after you spoke did I realize you were the same person in the documentary I had viewed many years ago. The Holy Spirit reminded me of my prayer to thank you. So I jumped at the chance to do so. Dr. Cornuke, the sacrifices, hardships, and dangers you faced in making this documentary was truly a labor of love and is deeply appreciated. I periodically recall the information you shared in that video in order to encourage myself and to remind me of G-d’s faithfulness and provision for His children. May His hand ever be on you to guided, protect, and provide for you.

Deepest thanks,




Last evening will provide an everlasting event – your presentation is great – your mission sacred. May God continue to bless your research and keep you safe until the answers to mysteries that you seek are solved. I have been blessed by knowing men who change the course of human history – not boasting, just eternally thankful. Last evening added to my treasury of memories. Thanks again, and may God bless you, your family, and your mission.

Omar Harvey



I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your presentations here last week. I saw the Thursday morning – Paul’s anchors, the Saturday night – Mt. Sinai, and the Sunday night – Ark presentations. I found all of them to be very well presented and extremely well related to Bible relevance in our lives. You did good. I bought the DVD about the Arc and a couple of your books also.

Best wishes, good luck.

Randy Turner



Someone handed me a copy of the ARC during the Florida Mystery convention in Lido Beach in June. I set the book aside, because these sorts of stories generally do not interest me. (I’m a long time agnostic.) At any rate, faced with tossing the thing away–something I’m not able to do– I figured I’d read the first page or so, to see how these religious-based books were written. Robert Cornuke’s new novel The Pravada Messenger is simply a stunning read. The notion is on the surface fanciful, but believable because the characters are so finely drawn. By the end of the first page I was completely hooked. Even lost a night’s sleep reading. My storytelling hat is definitely off.

Bravo, job well done!

David Hagberg – New York Times bestselling author of The Expediter 



Do you have plans on seeing Bob Cornuke, Biblical Investigator and International Explorer, when he comes your way? If not, believe me, you will certainly regret it. Make your plans right now for your family to attend his presentations. Having had the privilege of hearing him twice at the Park Cities Baptist Church in Dallas, I can assure you it will be an unforgettable experience. The church was packed. What was surprising was there were little children who were listening and watching the film, and of course, teenagers blending in with many adults. I believe this experience of hearing the Bible verses with the pictures shown and the talks about the adventures given at the same time, has made this the most powerful program we have had this year at our church. How could anyone not be blessed by sharing Bob Cornuke’s deep love of proving truth of the Bible.

Dru Reed



Hello, my name is Ben. This letter is for Bob Cornuke. I am a student at Bethel Christian College in Riverside, CA. In my apologetics class Dr. Bauman has been taking us through your books The Lost Shipwreck of Paul and In Search of the Lost Mountains. I have been so intrigued, and extremely excited about your recent findings. I am writing this email to you as encouragement. Your findings have opened new doors for witnessing to those who demand physical evidence of God’s existence. It’s also opened new doors for Christians to explore these claims and take comfort in knowing that Jesus is coming soon. I am also convinced that these things arte coming to light for a reason. We are in dark times. And I feel like eventually man will see these physical signs, and still turn their heads. But man will be without excuse. Bob, thank you so much for your work. I will continually pray for you and your team. That God will continue to use you. And that he will protect you as I know that with these adventures, also come dangers. Also, Recently I stumbled upon a website containing a letter by Mr. Gordon Franz attempting to disprove your theories on the real Mt. Sinai. I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciated your response. Your integrity was above reproach in your response to him. It is so easy to just lash back in circumstances such as these. I mean, c’mon we’re just human. We feel too. Good job Robert. And God bless you brother.

On the Narrow,




To Bob Cornuke Just to let you know that my best friend Esther accepted the Lord as her savior when you came to speak on Mt. Sinai. We have been praying for her for more than a year. She showed emotion when Billy Graham was here last year, but did not respond. She is 74 years old and of American decent. As she read your book on Noah’s Ark she became interested in your view point, because her family originated in Northern Iran. We are so grateful that you allowed the Lord to speak through you. She and I now attend a weekly Bible study together.

Love In Christ,




Dear Bob – . . . A quick note to say thanks for allowing me to “live” through your adventures! You are a fascinating story teller and a completely humble (albeit persistent) man! I just finished “Ark Fever” – the chapter on the Blood of the lamb was the most moving thing I’ve ever read! Thank you for including it! In my opinion, you are doing huge things for the Kingdom! You are authentically “living out” your faith and pointing others to Him! (I cited you in a recent paper I wrote for the Dallas Seminary). Thanks for being such an example. May the Lord bless you and your family! Merry Christmas!