We welcome you to the BASE Investigations area. Here at BASE, we are excited about the journey and the subjects on which we are working. Of course, there’s far too much in our expedition logbooks and research diaries to go into great detail. But, if you’ll stay close to the ministry, you’ll be able to join us in digging deeper into the living history of the Bible and discovering even more evidence that validates its historical accuracy, as well as its eternal truths.

We invite you to embark with us on new journeys and amazing adventures as we prepare to spread this ministry around the world. As you can see, BASE Institute already has been extremely busy. We can’t help being excited about the future of this ministry as God’s Word brings to light tangible, verifiable proofs that the Bible is, without a doubt, a geographical masterpiece, a reliable history, and the compass that points the way.

Below, you will find the feature investigations on which we are presently working: