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welcome to Base institute

BASE exists to reaffirm the Bible as our reliable message of hope from God to mankind.

We acknowledge it as our reliable standard of truth. Using the Bible and other historic sources, coupled with scholarly research supported by archaeological evidence, BASE endeavors to dispel the notion that the Bible is a collection of fables and legend. Using the Bible and other historic sources, coupled with scholarly research supported by...

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  • Prayers to God in wrong spot? New WND Article
    February 23, 2015

    It has been called the most contested plot of land in the world ó the fissure at which three major faiths come together, and break apart. There have been holy wars fought over it and holy writ...

  • Was the Temple Mount Not the Site of Solomon's Temple?
    October 20, 2014

    As conflict rages in Gaza, and anti-Semitic riots erupt in European cities, something is happening deep within Jerusalem that could change the course of history. Israelís holy city is dominated...

  • On The Trail Of The Real Mount Sinai
    August 12, 2014

    Newsweek Magazine Here's an article that Newsweek Magazine did on Bob Cornuke and his explorations on Mount Sinai: Still editor Hershel Shanks, of Biblical Archaeology Review, has...

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  • Last evening will provide an everlasting event - your presentation is great - your mission sacred. May God continue to bless your research and keep you safe until the answers to mysteries that you seek are solved. I have been blessed by knowing men who change the course of human history - not...

    - Omar Harvey
  • Someone handed me a copy of the ARC during the Florida Mystery convention in Lido Beach in June. I set the book aside, because these sorts of stories generally do not interest me. (I'm a long time agnostic.) At any rate, faced with tossing the thing away--something I'm not able to do-- I...

    - David Hagberg - New York Times bestselling author of The Expediter