The Bell Messenger

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In the last hours of the Civil War, in a desolate, muddy cornfield . . .

Jeremiah Tate, a battle-hardened Union officer who has long since forgotten God, shoots and severely wounds a young Confederate named Elijah Bell. With the words “Be God’s messenger as I have been,” the dying Bell hands Tate a worn Bible.

And so begins that Bible’s moving and mysterious journey through history—told in parallel story lines—beginning with Tate and leading to Gary Brandon. Gary receives the ancient Bible as a college graduation gift in 1980 from his alcoholic uncle Daniel, who claims to have dug up the Bible in a Saudi Arabian cave along with some valuable artifacts—a story Gary views with skepticism. But it is Gary’s search that finally reveals the Bible’s potent history and the names and stories of the people whose lives it has touched.

Follow the Bible from the Civil War battlefields to California, where Jeremiah Tate discovers that Chinese immigrants are being violently persecuted. Now that his life and values have been thrown into turmoil by Bell’s Bible, how will Tate react?

Follow it to Egypt and into desperate and greed-fueled safaris after gold and treasure. And into battle in World War I. And into the hands of an archeologist who believes he has found the cache of gold described in Exodus 12:35–36, given to the fleeing Hebrews by the Egyptians. And he’s not the only one searching for that gold.

Will Gary be satisfied with the history he has unearthed? Or will he, too, catch gold fever?


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